• What are your COVID-19 safety protocols?
    We are taking every precaution to protect our customers and our staff. During the City wide lockdown, we are providing Delivery and Curbside Pickup. These can be arranged via webstore checkout or by contacting the store directly.
  • Sell & Trade Old Collections:
    Are you looking to sell or trade unwanted gaming materials? S&B purchases used Miniatures, MTG cards, RPG books, and more! Inquire via email (theswordandboardtoronto@gmail.com) or phone (647)-350-PLAY (7529).
  • How Long Does Delivery Take:
    Shipments are processed 1-3 days a week. We ship with multiple carriers, all rates are calculated by the weight and volume of the product you ordered. A handling fee may be applied for certain Items. If you choose a shipping method with tracking, the tracking number will be provided to you.
  • Return Policy:
    Returns are handled on a case-by-case examination. If you have any questions about returns, or wish to start a return please contact us at theswordandboardtoronto@gmail.com.
  • Do you offer curbside pickup?
    Yes! You can order online or call and place an order for curbside pickup.
  • Do you have the same inventory in your online store as in your physical one?
    Almost all of our new and sealed products are listed on the website, however we also specialize in Singles for CCGs, and the sale of second-hand game products.
  • What is your return policy?
    Returns will be done only on a case-by-case examination. Please contact the store to start a return. You can always contact us for any return question at theswordandboardtoronto@gmail.com.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship from Toronto Canada to anywhere in the world!
  • How long does shipping take?
    Shipping can take up to 6 weeks depending on shipping level and the package's destination. Estimates are provided at checkout with further details arriving with your tracking number.
  • What are your shipping rates?
    Our shipping rates are calculated using local courier rates and are subject to change, they will be calculated at checkout.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We are open from 11am to 7pm, 7 days a week excluding Stat Holidays.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 1193 Bloor St W. -Rear, in Toronto, Ontario. See the map here: https://tinyurl.com/az3r9e8. For public transit you can come from either Lansdowne or Dufferin Stations and walk east from Lansdowne or West from Dufferin, we are located at the Brock street intersection behind the Pizza Pizza.
  • What is a Role Playing Game?
    Roleplaying games are games of the imagination. You create unique characters and tell collective stories with various themes in various settings.
  • How many people do I need to play?
    Although there are systems designed for Solo Play, most systems recommend at least 3 players, usually 1 to run the game and 2 to be the player characters.
  • Is there an age restriction?
    This is at the discretion of whoever is running the RPG. Although some systems/settings may not be suitable for younger players.
  • How long is a game session?
    Typical RPG sessions last around 4 hours but most are flexible enough to play in shorter amounts of time, or up to a full day.
  • What is the best beginner's RPG?
    Dungeons & Dragons is the most common, but there are many rules lite systems out there. You can email us for a more specialized recommendation based on your needs.
  • Do I need miniatures to play?
    Miniatures greatly improve the immersion of most RPGs. And we carry the cities largest collection of individual D&D and Pathfinder minis (not available online, please inquire via email or in store)! However, almost all RPGs can be played in the Theatre of the Mind, needing only something to keep notes on, some dice and your imagination.
  • Do I need a dice to play?
    For most systems at least one set of Polyhedral Dice should be available to all players.
  • Do you hold RPG events?
    We do have a large free to use game space where local Game Masters host RPG sessions. Please enquire at the store.
  • How do you use the miniatures?
    For RPGs, Miniatures represent your characters and the world around you and are used to enhance immersion and facilitate tactical combat on a grid. For other miniature games, they tend to represent your characters and tactical situation in a battle.
  • Is there a recommended minis brand brand for beginners?
    For RPGs, the Wizkidz official line is the recommended starting point for pre-painted miniatures. For unpainted miniatures we recommend you enquire in store, though Games Workshop and Nolzur's mavelous minis are the industry standard.
  • Should I buy pre-painted miniatures or non-painted ones?
    This is a personal choice. The hobby of assembling and painting your own minis to your liking is amazing, but we understand it is not for everyone as it can be labor intensive.
  • What are miniatures made of?
    Most modern miniatures come in Plastic or Resin, but a few systems still use Pewter as their material. Plastic and Resin tend to be more durable and lightweight than pewter, however some prefer the weight and feel of pewter models and the greater detail that can be achieved with metal.
  • What are Collectable Card Games? 
    CCGs are games based on the use of specialized cards. They often encourage some form of deck building and card trading amongst players, as you buy randomized packs of cards to build your collection.
  • How many people do I need to play?
    Most CCGs require a minimum of 2 players.
  • What is the best beginner’s CCG?
    The most popular CCGs to start with are Magic: the Gathering, and the Pokemon trading card game.
  • How long is a game session?
    A typical CCG game tends to last around 30 minutes.
  • Is there an age restriction?
    It is recommended that players are able to read and do basic math before starting.
  • Do you hold CCG events? 
    We hold regular CCG events every week! Check out our events calendar or contact the store for more information!
  • What CCG brands do you carry?
    We primarily carry Magic the Gathering, The Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Keyforge. However, we do make specialized orders so please ask if we are missing your favorite game!
  • Do you carry CCG singles?
    Yes! We sell singles for both Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. If you would like to place an order please email us an itemized, set sorted list or send us a link to a tappedout.net deck list.
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