Kaldheim Pre-Release from Home

Kaldheim Pre-Release from Home

It's time for the Kaldheim Pre-release from home!

Pre-release registration will be available via Four bundles from Friday January 29th to Thursday February 4th*:

  • Foretell Bundle ($40)

          Pre-release kit + 2 Booster pack

  • Snow Bundle ($60)

          Pre-release kit + 6 Booster packs

  • Praetor Bundle ($80)

          Pre-release kit + 10 Booster packs

  • God Bundle ($100)

          Pre-release kit + 15 Booster packs

Bundles are available for delivery or In store pickup - Limit one bundle per customer

All customers coming for curbside pickup can pay on the day of pickup and are required to follow our Lockdown safety regulations found Here

Customers looking to have their Bundle delivered to them should Email the store with the following Information and we will send you a link to pay online.

  • The email associated with your Wizards account (either Arena or an activated DCI)
  • All relevant shipping information (Address, postal code, suite number, etc.)
  • The bundle level they would like to purchase

Alternatively customers can place their orders right here on the online store!

As always, These Pre-Release from Home events are a temporary measure, lasting only until it is safe for us to re-open our gamespace. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you soon

*While quantities last

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