Sword and Board Status Update

Sword and Board Status Update

As we move forward into the next season we wanted to keep everyone up to date on the store and our plans for the future.

In Store:

We're currently still in stage 3 here in Toronto, so that means our doors are open with a few restrictions. First and foremost our game space is sadly still closed (though hopefully not for long, more on that below).
There is still a 4 customer limit in the storefront, with some allowances for same household groups.
While there is no hard browsing time limit, due to our capacity limit we may require customers who are just browsing to step outside temporarily so that we can serve customers who know what they're looking for. Magic the Gathering and Pokémon Singles Binders are not currently open for Browsing, customers looking for single should shoot us an email beforehand with what you're looking for. We do have some formatting requirements for singles lists. 

CCG and RPG minis Singles:

We price our MTG singles by the lowest In Stock price in the city, please check the up to date prices of your cards before sending in your list.
Lists should include a set for every card and any printing preferences (foil, extended art, etc.) and should be sorted by set (ie. all Zendikar Rising cards together on the list)
a note for MTG mystery boosters: MB1 was a massive and oddly formatted set, as such all cards are stored in the set and binder they were "pretending" to be from. Please include those sets (dictated by the set symbol on the card itself) when putting a mystery booster card on your list.
When you email us your list we will pull all of your cards and let you know your total and any cards that were missing, after that it will be set aside for you to pick up at your earliest convenience.
RPG Miniatures singles should follow the same guidelines above, remembering to specify if you'd prefer unpainted or pre-painted minis

Second Hand Product:

The second hand sections are open for browsing, though we still require that gloves are worn while doing so (we provide gloves, and that customers make sure to give each other ample space).
We're still accepting trade-ins, but we do ask that you email us with an overview of your collection before bringing it to the store so that we can let you know if it's worth bringing down.

The Game Space:

The Game space is still closed sadly. We are keeping a close eye on incoming restrictions and case numbers so that we can open our game space once it's safe.
There will still be restrictions and safety measures in place once it does open. Masks will still be required and we will be closely following government restrictions regarding proof of vaccination and capacity limits.If you have any questions shoot us a message on Facebook or send us an email at theswordandboardtoronto@gmail.com.

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