5E The World of Nimbus


5E The World of Nimbus

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Welcome to the 5e world where good, evil, and heroism MEAN EVERYTHING!

  • A monotheistic, human world where a crumbling empire struggles to regain its bearings
  • Clerics have fled the continent
  • Sorcery and magic items are rare and can lead to corruption
  • Long rests in the Wilderness require Survival skills for success
  • Humans are the only playable race

And yet, the world is immersive, rich, and full of adventure!

There are four mystical regions:

  • The Dawnrealms where evil creatures cannot enter and where the naive populace lives in ignorance of the evil stalking them and their civilization from the shadows.
  • The Fallen Provinces where evil creatures manipulate their human politicians behind the scenes.
  • The Wilderness - vast stretches of unpeopled land, dotted with ruins and creatures from the first age where fiends enslaved humanity and controlled the entire continent!
  • The Shroud - a region ruled by Fiends - truly Hell on Earth!

This is the World of Nimbus - a place of wonder, danger, limitations, and authentic heroism! Don't miss out on this unique 5e gameworld!

Bring glory to your game! Try The World of Nimbus today!

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