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9 Lives to Valhalla


9 Lives to Valhalla

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You are a death metal viking cat, guided personally by DEATH, earning your place in the drinking halls of Valhalla by casting a glorious wake of blood and carnage upon the blighted earth in each of your nine lives.

9 Lives to Valhalla is a unique, fast-paced role playing game combining dark animal fantasy with action-packed humor. It’s perfect for high-energy one-shots & shorter campaigns. With quick character creation; rules for generating foes on the fly; a full spate of blessings, treasures, & NPCs to fill the world; and guidance for playing as DEATH itself, 9 Lives to Valhalla has everything needed for a riotous good time.


  • An original rule set designed for high speed carnage across a post-human landscape, playing as a member of a cat warband or DEATH itself, where every roll of the dice is a life on the line - sometimes even the GM’s! 
  • All new original art depicting the inhabitants of the Age of Beasts including cat vikings, mouse knights, and leash-worshipping dog sorcerers! 
  • A full spate of blessings from the Panthera Pantheon for your Cat to earn through glorious death, including Witches Sight, Rustum’s Darting Flame, and Eyes that Burn as Stars! 
  • Everything you need to make magickal, armored, giant, and tricky foes on the fly, from hummingbird assassins to skeletal dragons. 
  • Guidance on how to discuss tone, establish boundaries, and adjust situations on the fly to help all players enjoy an evening of outrageous ultra-violence. 
  • A full pantheon of great cats, a world of strangers and traders, and plenty of treasure to drive your game!

For 2-6 players including GM

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