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Against the Darkmaster


Against the Darkmaster

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Your epic saga is about to begin!

The Darkmaster, an immensely powerful being of pure Evil, threatens the world once again. The last hope of the Free Kins lies in a handful of heroes, who alone dare to defy Him.


Will you stand against the coming Shadow? Will you heed the call to adventure?

Against the Darkmaster is a tabletop Epic Fantasy roleplaying game of high adventure, heroic action, and heavy metal combat.


If you put together works like The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time, sprinkled them with a bit of Labyrinth and Dragonslayer, and put everything in a blender together with a healthy dose of classic Heavy Metal, you’ll get a typical Against the Darkmaster game session.


Travel to distant lands, face terrible dangers, uncover ancient items of power, and gather the armies of the world under your banner to defeat the ultimate Evil.

A complete rule system, including:

  • Unified d100-based action resolution mechanic

  • Huge variety of character customization options

  • Detailed travel mechanics for long overland adventures

  • Flexible magic system with over 300 spells

  • Tactical combat and brutal Critical Strikes

  • Immersive rules for character driven adventures

  • A Bestiary with over 60 fearsome creatures

  • A full introductory campaign in three parts

Grab your dice and get ready to join the fight Against the Darkmaster!

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