AK Metallic Markers


AK Metallic Markers

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  • Brand: AK
  • Type: paint
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This set contains four fine tip markers with permanent metallic paint to paint details on your miniatures in a very comfortable and intuitive way.

The tip allows maximum precision on all types of pieces and figures, especially gaming figures. They are formulated with highly pigmented paint that allows subsequent weathering treatments.

Instructions for use:
Shake well with cap on and in an upright position. Remove the cap before use.
First use. Hold the tip of the marker in an upright position. Squeeze tip lightly to release pressure.
Press the tip for a few seconds until it fills with ink.
Test the ink flow on another piece of paper.
Cap tightly after each use and store at room temperature.

This set consists of:
AK1301 Gold
AK1302 Chrome
AK1303 Old Bronze
AK1304 Copper

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