AK Silicone Brushes - Hard tip Small Size


AK Silicone Brushes - Hard tip Small Size

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  • Brand: AK
  • Type: Miniatures
  • Availability: Out stock
  • Silicone tip brushes.
  • Two hardnesses and two sizes.
  • The perfect tool when undertaking any modeling job.
  • Also suitable for applying oil glazes on flat vehicle surfaces.
  • The white-tipped ones are normal hardness and the black-tipped ones are slightly higher hard.
  • Suitable for any modeling putty, Apoxie Sculpt, Greenpower, Milliput, Sculpey, Fimo, etc.
  • Use water, alcohol or vaseline as a softening agent to prevent the putty from sticking to the tip of the brush, extend its life by rinsing them regularly with soap and water gently.
  • The variety of tips in the set will make it easy for you to tackle any type of job.

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