Anno Domini 1666 - Chamber of Curiosities


Anno Domini 1666 - Chamber of Curiosities

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  • Brand: Wargamer
  • Type: Miniatures
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Vienna is a strange place in the world of Anno Domini 1666. While musketeers and dragoons are having their fun dueling and busting up taverns, there is an entire host of mysterious characters dwelling in the shadows. A mad scientist bringing a monster to life, a wizard pacting with demons, an exorcist striving to uphold God’s law. How will the clash of good versus evil unfold?

Warning: this is not a standalone product. You will need a copy of Anno Domini 1666 Base Game to use the contents of this box. Miniatures are pre-assembled and unpainted


• 6 highly detailed plastic miniatures
• 5 Character cards
• 2 Demon mini-boards
• 11 Item cards
• 1 Rulesheet
• 1 Spellbook
• 1 Alchemy Book

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