Anno Domini 1666: Klaus and Dogs Character Pack -Plastic-


Anno Domini 1666: Klaus and Dogs Character Pack -Plastic-

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  • Brand: Wargamer
  • Type: Miniatures
  • Availability: Out stock

Every evil sect worth its salt needs an evil alchemist. Fortunately, this character pack contains exactly one such character by the name of Klaus. In case this wasn’t evil enough, you also get two (yes, two) attack dogs to chase down any survivors of Klaus’s chemical attacks.


• 3 highly detailed plastic miniatures
• 3 Character cards
• 5 Item cards
• 1 Alchemy book

Warning: this is not a standalone product. You will need both a copy of Anno Domini 1666 Base Game and a copy of the Order of the Broken Cross Faction Set to use the contents of this box. Miniatures are pre-assembled and unpainted.

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