Anno Domini 1666: Musketeers Commoners Set Character Pack -Plastic-


Anno Domini 1666: Musketeers Commoners Set Character Pack -Plastic-

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  • Brand: Wargamer
  • Type: Miniatures
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The King's Musketeers, or Mousquetaires de la maison militaire du roi de France, are some of the kingdoms finest soldiers. In the year 1666 there were 2 companies of them. One were the original king's musketeer, the other were the original cardinal's musketeers, who joined the royal ranks after the deaths of Richelieu in 1642 and Mazarin in 1661. Serving as a musketeer is an honour, and the volunteers are heavily vetted. Only brave and well-trained men make it.

• 3 highly detailed pre-assembled plastic miniatures
• 6 Character cards including three cards exclusive for this expansion: 2x Musketeer Veteran and Musketeer Sergeant
• 6 Item cards

Warning: this is not a standalone product. You will need a copy of Anno Domini 1666 Core Game to use the contents of this box.

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