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Humans are gone, lost to legend and remembered only by their ruins and the little creatures that survive them. In their place, animals have built towns, founded guilds, and created a civilisation of their own where beasts of all kinds can live in relative harmony.

In this cosy solo RPG, you take on the role of a Poultice Pounder, a beast with knowledge of ailments and their cures. It's your job to travel the post-human landscape of the Bristley Woods, visiting ailing beasts and foraging for the reagents needed to cure them, all while working towards the end of a grand Seasonal Journey.

Apawthecaria is a blend of Apothecaria and Scurry! Go on a potion-making, road-tripping, friend-making adventure with some of these exciting features:

  • A detailed map of the Bristley Woods, using brand new Travel mechanics!
  • A world of intelligent animals, inspired by Redwall and Watership Down
  • Barter for Reagents in markets atop trees and in deep warrens.
  • Upgrade your Tools and Wagons.
  • Bring along a trusted Familiar to help you on your way.
  • Befriend quirky Companion bugs!
  • Experience detailed encounters that make each Season throughout the year feel and play differently.
  • Multiplayer playbooks, for 2 - 15+ players!

With beautiful artwork from a smorgasbord of amazing artists, a gorgeous layout by Brian Tyrrell, and 200+ pages of Ailments, Reagents, Encounters and more to explore, Apawthecaria will delight newcomers and Apothecaria veterans alike.

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