ArcKnight 5E Spell Effects


ArcKnight 5E Spell Effects

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This 3-page set of Spell Effects is pre-cut, and comes crammed with every shape and style needed to represent all of your 5E Spells. Each shape has graphical textures, printed on thin but sturdy transparent polycarbonate sheets. Colorful graphics fade to transparent centers.

Easily hold your spells over potential targets to see who gets hit, or place lingering effects on the table, where they blend into the map and allow your pieces to move onto or through them. Transparency effects don't disrupt the map underneath!

Some shares are nested inside others to further maximize space in the set. This streamlined layout allows 2”, 3”, 4” squares to overlap, etc to cram even more spells into your sheets.

INCLUDES a plastic envelope to store your spells in. Additionally, everything has been trimmed down and streamlined so the product fits in a sturdy box and ships under 1 pound, to minimize domestic US shipping!

This product uses double-sided printing, with clean graphics on one side, and helpful text notes printed on the other side in the edge, to remind you of damage codes, saving throws, and other key details. All note text is designed specifically for 5E, but the spell shapes cover all natural shapes and sizes and is a perfect addition for EVERY RPG!

The 5E Spell Effects set contains EVERY spell size and shape, for every class. You will never need another set of Spell Effects! Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Web, Cone of Cold, Burning Hands, Fear, Dragon Breaths, Faerie Fire, Moonbeam, Tidal Wave, Wall of Fire, Thunderwave, buff tokens, inspiration tokens, monster summoning tokens and MUCH more.

We took our Class Packs - 5E Wizard set back to kickstarter for our first-ever “2.0” campaign, with user suggestions to improve the product, and crushed it with over 1200 backers!

Each page uses it’s own unique die-cut template, so every shape is completely pre-cut! You will NOT need scissors to enjoy this product!

This 3-page kit covers over 24 spell templates, dozens of buff and reference tokens, unit summoning tokens, and inspiration tokens. A fantastic aide for both player and GM.

Total spell list includes:

  • 2 Inch Square Grease

  • 3 Inch Square Thunderwave

  • 4 Inch Square Faerie Fire

  • 4 Inch Square Web

  • 6 Inch Square Hypnotic Pattern

  • 2 Inch Circle Moonbeam

  • 2 Inch Circle Call Lightning

  • 4 Inch Circle Anti-Magic Field

  • 4 Inch Circle Shatter

  • 6 Inch Circle Darkness

  • 8 Inch Circle Fireball

  • 8 Inch Circle Fog

  • 15’ Cone Color Spray

  • 15’ Cone Burning Hands

  • 30‘ Cone Fear

  • 60’ Cone Cone of Cold

  • 30’ Pie Arc Paladin Aura

  • 40’ Pie Arc Meteor Swarm

  • 1’ x 60’ Wall of Fire v1

  • 5‘ x 30’ Dragonborn Breath

  • 5’ x 60’ Wall of Thorns

  • 5’ x 100’ Lightning Bolt

  • 10‘ x 30’ Tidal Wave

  • 10’ x 60’ Gust of Wind

  • 13 Generic Reference Tokens

  • 1” Generic Summon/Unit Token

  • 2” Generic Summon/Unit Token

  • 3” Generic Summon/Unit Token

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