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Basilisk Hills Ultimate (hardcover)


Basilisk Hills Ultimate (hardcover)

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This 8.5x11" color interior hardcover book combines the Compiled Basilisk Hills cluster with the Supplemental book, creating a hexcrawl region of 107 total 6-mile hexes.

Supplemental Hexcrawl

Consisting of 98 6-mile hexes that surround the main Basilisk Hills cluster, this supplemental book provides enough dungeons, lairs, and interesting features to keep your players exploring for months of game time. Written for Old School Essentials, but useable in any old-school system, the book also contains background on the world of Absalom as well as tips on how to run the hexcrawl.

Compiled Cluster

14.22 Lair of the Troglodytes
13.22 The Plateau of Sighs
14.23 The Basilisk Knights
15.22 The Toppled King
15.21 The Rivers Source
14.21 The Gateway to the Pallid Fields
13.21 The Gangrenous Orcs

Together, they form an adventuring location that can keep your players busy for months of game time. In addition to multiple dungeons and lairs, the book contains:

A town suitable for use as a home base for the players during their explorations.
New spells and magic items.
New classes, including the half-dryad grove guardian, troglodytes, morlocks, orcs, and more.
New rules for expanding your OSR-style game, including magical research and ritual magic, running a clerical temple, ley lines and engines, ways to make dragons unique.
Much more!

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