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Black Rose Wars


Black Rose Wars

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  • Brand: Ludus Magnus Studio
  • Type: Board Game
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Black Rose Wars is a competitive fantasy game of deck-building, strategy, and combat set in the hectic universe of Nova Aetas in Italy. Each player is one of powerful mages of the Black Rose Order who aspires to become the new Supreme Magister in order to acquire the mighty power of the Black Rose Artifact and the Forgotten Magic. At the start of the battle, mages start with a grimoire of six cards; as mages study more spells during play, their grimoire will increase. Every spell in Black Rose Wars has two different effects, increasing a player’s adaptability during a fight.

  • The Box contains: 34 very detailed miniatures, over 200 spell cards, 23 room tiles, 60 quest cards, 60 event cards, over 120 tokens and more quality materials!

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