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Churn, Stroke, Burn


Churn, Stroke, Burn

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Depending on who you talk to this is either 1 (the writer), or 3 (the editor) new adventures for Dungeon Crawl Classics.  Spanning from a town with (lots of) problems, a point crawl across (and under) the sea, and a depth crawl through the eye of a hurricane. 

There are nightmares of a demon whale that sleeps beneath the waves, threatening to drown us all. 

The entire adventure pulses with the die chain tracking as the storm waxes and wanes. Every encounter table, rumour, and hook table is linked to this die. The adventure turns to chaos as you play it. 


Inside of these 230+ pages you will find:

  • The Town of Churn, its denizens and problems

    • 14 Locations (Inns, Taverns, Dunes, and Temples), each with events on first, and repeat visits. 
    • Daily events which Bring the town together
    • Nightly raids that tear it to shreds
    • Sweet Omens as you leave the town
    • Violent Echoes as you return to what has become of the town 
  • Stroke, a point crawl across and under the ocean

    • 8 Locations (Islands, Abandoned Vessels, Tunnels, and Sea Walls), above and beneath the sea
    • Encounters on the water, and in the tunnels


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