Czech Games Edition

Codenames: The Simpsons


Codenames: The Simpsons

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  • Brand: Czech Games Edition
  • Type: Board Game
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Two teams compete to be the first to identify all of their team's Springfield Cards displayed on the grid. 

Only each team's Cluemasters know the location of the Springfield Cards their team is trying to find. 

They give clues in the form of a code word that will help their teammates find these cards. 

Be careful not to decipher a code incorrectly or you might help the other team. It's a race to identify all of your team's cards first. 


  • 200 Springfield Cards 
  • 40 Key Cards 
  • 25 Cover Cards (8 Orange, 8 Yellow, 7 Neutral, 1 Extra and 1 Game Over)
  • 1 Card Stand 
  • Instructions

Description provided by the developer. 

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