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CRAWL! - Issue 13 "Deathmatch!"


CRAWL! - Issue 13 "Deathmatch!"

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Crawl! fanzine is a zine for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. It's made by fans, for fans, in the classic style of punk-rock zines found in record shops and info-shops.


Crawl! is created to support the DCC RPG and its community of players and judges. This also includes publishers and developers that support DCC RPG. Truly a labor of love and dedicated to D&D gamers, old and new! 

Crawl! no.13: Deathmatch!



The really, really, long awaited return of Crawl!


An adventure and toolkit for running a DEATHMATCH!—A deadly game that will test the mind and bodies of unwilling (or willing?) adventurers trapped in some mad power's twisted realm.


  • Running a DEATHMATCH — rules, tips, and how-to.
  • Introduction to a POINTCRAWL — modular and quick-reference style maps.
  • and the DANGER DIE — a loaded encounter die to determine room states and other conditions.
  • CRAWL DM1: Beyond the Doomed Gates — a pointcrawl adventure location where it will all go down. The dungeon features: Portals! Traps! Hazards! Powerful Weapons! Runes of Power! and more!
  • Plus! a bunch of random tables to help stock deathmatch dungeons of your own design.
  • VTT friendly maps, icons, and printable artifact cards also included!

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