Fate of The Norns

Creatures from Fairy Tale and Myth 5E


Creatures from Fairy Tale and Myth 5E

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Welcome to Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth, an in-depth volume devoted to the most iconic creatures that transcend cultures and time. This book sets out to analyze each creature in terms of attributes, vulnerabilities, habits and summarizes the timeless stories that include them as the hero's adversary. The creatures herein will aid the GM when creating "boss monsters" or adventures surrounding a certain type of legendary creature. These beasts are not meant to be used for filler or random encounters. The DM will have all the tools at their fingertips for crafting memorable adventures.

Players will equally find the Blacksmith class exceptionally interesting, introducing schools of crafting (similar to schools of magic). The Blacksmith class has 6 specializations, 1 mapped to each attribute allowing players maximum customization.

Did you ever think that social interactions felt reductionist when everything resolved on a single charisma check? Why isn't combat resolved on a single strength check? Included in this book are optional expanded 5e rules to make interactions more satisfying - including social combat!

This book includes:

  • Brand new creatures compatible with the 5e game system
  • Brand new class for players
  • Expansions for the 5e game system rules (social combat, crafting system, power dice, etc...)
  • Sandbox adventure included

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