R. Talsorian

Danger Gals Starter Gang


Danger Gals Starter Gang

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  • Brand: R. Talsorian
  • Type: Miniatures
  • Availability: Out stock

In the time of the Red, every city has a Combat Zone: an area of the city where the law doesn't reach and cyber-enhanced gangs fight for control over the streets.

Danger Gal is a private investigation, bodyguard, and security company. They sport tactical and exotic cat outfits in the field!

This box set includes all the miniatures and cards you need to field a complete Danger Gals starter gang in your games of Combat Zone!

Box Includes:

7 Danger Gals Miniatures
13 Danger Gals Character Cards
1 Danger Gals Scenario Card
5 Program Cards
21 Danger Gals Objective Cards
35 Danger Gals Gear Cards
40 Danger Gals Loot Deck Cards

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