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DCC #100 - The Music of the Sphere is Chaos


DCC #100 - The Music of the Sphere is Chaos

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The boxed set is bursting with the puzzles, foes, and magic only found in a DCC RPG adventure.

Inside you will find the God Eaters’ grand alchymical experiment, with its spinning alembic and rotating elemental spheres. This takes the form of a large game board, approximately 17″ x 22″, with four separate spinning maps that attach to the board.

An adventure booklet of 112 pages provides hitherto unknown monsters, perils, and traps. These lurk in the forgotten corridors, certain to bring a quick end to overconfident explorers.

Players will have the opportunity to study and manipulate the fabled Alembic Key, a relic rife with Theophagic sigils and zodiac signs. But beware, foolhardy reavers! Rotating the key spins the dungeon, transforming the PCs and altering reality itself! Left in the hands of a fidgety player, it could easily spell the end of the multiverse. This physical prop is composed of two spinning dials and is used by players during the adventure.

And as befitting DCC #100, the adventure is replete with player handouts in the form of a 28-page booklet containing over 40 illustrations of the Alembic, its elemental spheres, and the terrors lurking within the dark halls, as well as the infamous Sheaves of Chaos. 

Finally, any adventure is only as good as the judge running it. Music of the Spheres is Chaos was designed with the judge in mind. The boxed set includes the Bookmark of 4 Parts – a tool for referencing the PCs’ own changes.

This Boxed Set includes:

  • Adventure Booklet (112 pages)
  • Player Handout Booklet (28 pages and more than 40 illustrations)
  • Large 17″ x 22″ Gameboard and four separate Spinning Maps  
  • Double-sided bookmark of 4 Parts (to track changes imposed by the Spinning Map)
  • Alembic Key prop (used by players to spin the dungeon!)
  • 3 Sheaves of Chaos handouts

With its many unique components, Music of the Spheres is Chaos captures all the magic and wonder that you’ve come to expect from a DCC RPG adventure. But fans familiar with Harley Stroh’s work in Legacy of the Savage Kings, Sailors on the Starless Sea, and his many other adventures will know that our adventures are always far more than the sum of their parts.

You won’t mistake this dungeon for any other adventure, anywhere, ever.

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