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DCC #104: Return to the Starless Sea


DCC #104: Return to the Starless Sea

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  • Brand: Goodman Games
  • Type: RPG
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A 0 level funnel or 1st level adventure!

Goodman Games is proud to announce DCC #104 Return to the Starless Sea. It’s a race back in time to stop the Chaos Lords’ nefarious plots which threaten the present. Despite the best efforts of some lucky gongfarmers, Chaos hasn’t been defeated. Now, the heroes must match wits and brawn with leviathans, dragons, and the melt-men to do so!

Return to the Starless Sea is a giant all-new module consisting of both a zero-level funnel and a 1st level adventure. Run originally as the 2022 Gen Con DCC Tournament, the adventure can be played as an at-home tournament, but also serves as a sequel to DCC #67 Sailors on the Starless Sea, or to launch a brand new DCC RPG campaign.

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