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Deep Magic Vol. 2


Deep Magic Vol. 2

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  • Type: rpg
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Deep Magic Volume 2 is a sequel to the spell-filled Deep Magic Volume 1 and further expands on that first volume. Volume 2 features over 400 new spells as well as:

  • The Witch base class
  • 19 new subclasses
  • 3 new backgrounds
  • 14 styles of spellcasting
  • 15 magical grimoires
  • 3 new downtime activities
  • 10 spellcasting NPCs to help or hinder characters
  • Over a dozen tables, from descriptions of magical effects to reverse summoning quests, to the odd effects from drinking an old or badly brewed potion
  • 16 adventure site location descriptions and encounter hooks to go along with the 24 Kobold Press Arcane Map Tiles

Whether you’re a Game Master or player, Deep Magic Volume 2 has something magical in store for you!


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