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Dungeons & Lasers Origon The Denouncer


Dungeons & Lasers Origon The Denouncer

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  • Brand: Archon Studio
  • Type: Miniatures
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28-35mm Scale

Dungeons & Lasers is an innovative plastic tabletop terrain system based on tiles, scaled for any game with 28-32mm miniatures. Available in both sci-fi and fantasy styles, fully modular design allows you to mix different sets and themes any way you please. Made of hard, durable and richly detailed plastic, D&L terrains are designed to be as easy to assemble and rebuild as possible, with no glue required. Stackable architecture and a vast amount of customization bits allow for a unique setting every time you play. Dungeons & Lasers is a constantly expanding range of products that offer fantastic value for money and endless possibilities limited only by imagination.

This war has changed everything. It has brought dishonorable actions, purges, chaos. People have started using the power of the Forgotten Gods. That's why Origon the Denouncer has been summoned. The legendary dragon needs to intervene to prevent bloodshed and disruption of magic. You can be sure, my friend, that Origon will way or another.

Plastic components.

1 Origon the Denouncer (127mm)
1 Round Base (50mm)

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