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The sun hangs high in the sky, an oppressive heat scorching anyone fool enough to not seek the shelter of shade. Dust. A desert in the middle of a city; The City to be exact.

The sounds of forges echo off the mountains, punctuated by the blast of a six-shooter. Slingers are judge, jury, and executioner. This place is so damned, even our monsters are cursed. 

So read my words, and read 'em well, Slayer. Because all that monster hunting you did back in The City ain't gonna mean spit out here if you end up with a bullet in the back of your head. 

Welcome to Dust.


About the book:

Dust is a supplemental zine for the tabletop RPG Slayers. It is a deep dive into one of the districts of The City, and is a goldmine of information and resources for playing in Dust.

What's in it? Great question, here's the highlight reel:

  • 40 page, full color zine 
  • Locations, NPCs, factions, and tables to roll on to fill the district with life
  • Illustrated hexmap, with optional travel rules for moving around in the Dust
  • Tons of original art illustrated by Mike Rieman
  • 10 rumors to get your Slayers moving
  • 4 adventures, each using a classic wild west trope (of course there is a train robbery)
  • 8 new monsters that are going to crawl out of the Dust and kill you
  • A brand new class: The Deadeye

Dust is a district of the infinite City. It sits just alongside, outside, or inside of it, nobody is really sure. It's a district you only walk into if you're invited, or fight your way in. 

Inside you'll find the home of the Gunslingers. While many Slingers make their way to The City to take up slaying, some stay in the Dust. As the origin point of the Slingers, it's also where the fabled revolvers are made, forged by fanatics who worship the firearm like a god, with gunpowder and lead as their communion.

It's a district that toes the line between order and chaos. The Slingers keep the peace, but each of them has their own interpretation of that word. The monsters are cursed, making them crueler and harder to kill than many you'll find back in The City.

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