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Dying Earth Kickstarter Stretch Goals Collection


Dying Earth Kickstarter Stretch Goals Collection

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This bundle contains the stretch goals for the DCC Dying Earth Kickstarter. 

Inside you will find:

  • The Casebook of Arcane Apocrypha 
  • DCC Dying Earth Judges Screen    
  • Pad of character sheets for DCC Dying Earth        
  • Spell Libram 1: Phandaal’s Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Beginner Magics
  • Spell Libram 2: Houlart’s Minor Imprecations 
  • Goodman Games Gazette  
  • Art Folio for DCC Dying Earth

Spell Librams are pre-populated booklets of spells that make terrific player handouts. The Casebook of Arcane Apocrypha contains kickstarter-exclusive stretch goals in the form of additional spells, magical items, artifacts, curses, patrons, and monsters.

Based on The Dying Earth Book Series by Jack Vance

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