Dyniaq: Weird Treasures


Dyniaq: Weird Treasures

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  • Brand: Spellcrow
  • Type: Board Game
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The Dyniaqs must collect a certain amount of vegetables called cucurbits to help sacred Thalbien trees grow. To this end, they set off to the Cucurbit Plains, guarded by dark crows and sinister Hohole. None of the Dyniaqs know what the other must complete. When they start gathering, they must be very careful not to be fooled at the Strange Fair or not to be seen by one of the crows who will gladly take their cucurbits. Dyniaqs love to frolic, so they hurl at each other with rotten cucurbits and laugh in the air! However, the clock is ticking, and when the Dyniaqs meet between Crow and Hohole, their time will be counted... Who will collect the entire collection first?

Dyniaq: Weird Treasures is a unique card game for your family and friends! The gameplay is fast and the rules are easy to remember. In the box you will find 111 cards, among them five Dyniaqs, Crows, the Hohole and many Cucurbit cards. Some of them are exceptionally beautiful, others are rotten, and some are very bizarre. The game is perfect for players from 8 years old and up.

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