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Eat the Reich


Eat the Reich

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The year is 1943. You are a team of crack vampire commandos with one mission: drink all of Hitler's blood.

Eat the Reich is a roleplaying game in which you, a vampire commando, are coffin-dropped into occupied Paris and must cut a bloody swathe through nazi forces en route to your ultimate goal: drinking all of Adolf Hitler's blood.

It's written by Grant Howitt (Honey Heist, Spire, Heart) and illustrated by Will Kirkby (Critical Role, Image, Darkhorse, Boom).

This over-the-top, ultraviolent game is designed to be played from beginning to end in one to three sessions of carnage, blood magic, meaningful flashbacks and hundreds upon hundreds of extremely dead fascists. It tells one story, it tells it loud, and it tells it brilliantly. Think Wolfenstein crossed with Danger 5 and you’re not far off the mark.


Eat the Reich is a lavishly illustrated, beautifully written 72 page rulebook and it has everything you need to get started:

  • A quick-to-learn D6 dice pool system – the Havoc Engine – that encourages creative violence
  • Enemy reinforcement rules that keep the vampire invaders on their toes
  • Pregenerated iconic characters (with room to level up)
  • Gruesome augmented Übermenschen (drink their blood to level up)
  • Non-accurate maps of Paris with lots of location details and ideas for fun things to destroy

The Rules

Eat the Reich uses a simple D6 dice pool system. Players declare their intent and work out the size of their dice pool – it averages out at about six – then roll them and discard any that show 3 or less. Any that show 4 or more are spent to achieve the current objective, destroy nazi defenders, defend against incoming damage or gulp down mouthfuls of fascist blood.

Nothing too complex, but we think it flows nicely – and it means the rules will never get in the way of your rampage.

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