Loke Battle Mats

Giant Book of Battle Mats


Giant Book of Battle Mats

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  • Brand: Loke Battle Mats
  • Type: rpg
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Winner of the both the Judges Award for best Accessory and the People's Choice Award for Best Accessory at the UK Games Expo 2019

The Giant Book of Battle Mats has been designed by gamers, for gamers, and has these key features:

  • Lay flat book of 62 wipe clean battle maps
  • Large maps allow for epic encounters
  • 1 inch grid throughout
  • Wide range of common fantasy rpg settings
  • Reduces game preparation time
  • Eliminates the need to draw maps in game
  • 360° spine can fold in half if space is tight
  • Each page is a map
  • Opposing pages work together
  • Just open & Roll!

Description from the game designer

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