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Goodman Games Yearbook 2021


Goodman Games Yearbook 2021

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  • Type: rpg
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Goodman Games closes the book on another year with our annual yearbook release.

Celebrate the great year of gaming that was 2021 with this terrific compilation of all-new material. 

  • Includes new level 2 DCC RPG adventure “Black Mountain Lights” by Michael Curtis
  • Includes new DCC RPG tournament-style event “The Pits of Lost Agharta” by Harley Stroh
  • Includes the all-new 15th-level adventure “The Monastery of the Dawning Sun” for 5E, written by Chris Doyle
  • Also contains “The Stache Stash II: Stache of the Titans” by Brendan LaSalle

And much, much more.

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