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Graves and Groves [Special Edition]


Graves and Groves [Special Edition]

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Graves & Groves is the first volume of (what we hope) will become a larger series of Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible zines, BIG SWORD. This volume specifically focuses on the undead and nature. It will feature:

  • A detailed and comprehensive Vampire Generator fit for a lich!
  • A full write-up on The Curse of Dhampirism – an article on what happens to a player character stuck between the worlds of life and death!
  • A New Patron: The Prime Vampire, the progenitor of all other vampires; a creature of unimaginable pain and power, older than Time Itself!
  • The Treefolk Class – An ancient race that wields both might and magic, fueled by their attunement to nature.
  • Survival Mechanics! Now you can finally force your party to suffer the full weight of starvation and exhaustion with an elegant addition to any wilderness campaign!
  • An old favorite returns, the Ranger Class, as remixed by the BIG SWORD authors!
  • And finally, a small Hexcrawl Adventure that ties all of it together!


  • Rules for handling Downtime between adventures!
  • Party Composition: An article detailing our thoughts on the strange intricacies of DCC Party Composition.

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