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Interactive Miniatures: Sundrop Edition


Interactive Miniatures: Sundrop Edition

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How many times, during an RPG encounter, have you forgotten an opponent’s status, or a character condition, or whether a spell is still in play or not?
This is because keeping track of hit points, spells, and conditions it is done on supports outside the game board and often makes you forget its effects, altering the course of the adventure and losing time.
Wouldn’t it be great to have all this information in view directly on the model, like in a video game?
This is what you get with “Interactive Miniatures”!

We have equipped the models with a removable technical base that allows the use of a whole series of tags. Now you can track status, spells, hit points, initiative and others, allowing all players to understand, at a single glance, the game situation quickly and easily.

If you already have miniatures with a standard 1-inch base* (2.54cm), the interactive bases are compatible with those too!"

This base box includes a wide variety of miniatures to use for your RPG sessions, along with the interactive stands to hold the Weapon & Armor, Status, and Number tokens to make it easier to see what is going on in the game.

1 Miniatures box + Inner Tray
115 Heroes and Monsters Miniatures (Sundrop*)
50 Interactive Stands
32 Spell Miniatures
28 Weapon and Armor Tokens
56 Status Tokens
180 Number Tokens

*Sundrop consists of coloring the models with strong contrasts of light and dark, giving the models a unique “old style” effect.

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