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You are a dinosaur.

You are a Kosmo Ranger.

You are a Kosmosaur—a protector of the galaxy.


You and your companions travel through the stars to help all sorts of people, planets, and organizations by preventing disasters, battling assassin robots, banishing chaos mutants from the Void Dimension, and facing all kinds of weird dangers.

About Komosaurs:

You play a Kosmosaur in this game. You're a member of an elite force of dinosaur space rangers that defend the galaxy against all forms of threats, both internal and external. You fly in your spaceships, working as a team, acting as explorers, diplomats, defenders, and, if need be, soldiers against those that would destroy what was built by the many civilizations.

That's it!

The game has a minimalist action focused system with a strong narrative bent. It is inspired mainly by two John Harper's games: Lasers & Feelings and Blades in the Dark. And the setting is inspired by the fantasy sci-fi cartoons of the 80s, especially the amazing Dinosaucers.


How to play:

Gameplay is fast, and exciting. Using a streamlined system inspired by Laser & Feelings and Forged in the Dark, the game functions on a d6 dice pool system using 2 characteristics: Kosmo (your technical, military and academic skills) and Saurs (your physical, combat, and a bestial skills).

Every character also has a set of traits that not only set them apart from each other, but establishes truths about themselves and the setting.
A game perfect for a action packed, fast, and fun space fantasy adventure with dinosaurs and obnoxious villains from Saturday morning cartoons!

As usual with my games, the books comes with an assortment of tools and tables to create characters, NPCs, adventures!


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