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Enter the world of Lucent as a Geomancer, vying for a shard of divine power. Build a vibrant pyramid together by placing gems to channel your energy, wrestling over control, and cutting off the routes of your foes. Be the last to place a gem to claim the power and dominate your enemies.

Lucent was designed with the aesthetic in mind. As gem cards are played out, they create a rich tapestry. There are four themes available:

Classic - Featuring elemental gems on a light background, Night - featuring elemental gems on a dark background, Cosmic - featuring celestial bodies among the stars and Bestiary - featuring mythical beasts on stylized parchment.

The game is quick and easy to learn. Divide the deck evenly among all players, then build a pyramid by placing cards that match one of the two cards beneath them. Slowly options get cut off and players become unable to make plays.


Number of Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 5-15 minutes

Ages: 5+

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