Magical Industrial Revolution


Magical Industrial Revolution

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This book is about Atlantis before the tide turned. It's about Hyperborea before it vanished between dimensions. It's about Nu Yark Citee before the Mushroom Bombs hit. It’s a setting guide to the greatest and most ambitious city in the world: Endon. It's about a world slowly tipping onto its side, and all the interesting things that begin to slide at the start of a revolution. It's about people with grand dreams pushing the boundaries of the possible, and the strange machines and devices they create along the way.

But mostly, it's about magic.

This book contains a wealth of information to supplement Role Playing Game campaigns, including:

• Maps, People, Buildings, Dungeons, Factions, and Villains of Endon
• Eight Pre-Apocalyptic Innovations
• Hundreds of Magic Items and Spells
• Rules for Magical Industry
• Useful Tools for Urban Campaigns
• Horrible Monsters and Nightmarish Creatures
• And much, much more.

154 pages, black and white. Written by Skerples. Editing and Layout by David Shugars. Editing by Fiona Geist. Art by Jonathan Newell, Logan Stahl, and Luka Rejec.

3 double-sided PDF pamphlets are also available for this product:

• The Secret Key: a Visitor’s Guide to Endon
• Cumberworld’s Guide to Magical Industry
• Famous Last Words and Scibblings

The pamphlets are designed to assist players in navigating Endon, dabble with magical industry, sing gallows ballads, and read edifying tales and ludicrous advertisements.


Here, I think Skerples hits the nail on the head for one of the most exciting core narratives for an RPG campaign can be: Revolution. Change. Change, not so much in the way History has traditionally viewed it: with the rise and fall of Big People, with grand wars and grand empires, with technology emerging from the minds of great men like Athena from Zeus's skull and then suddenly just, like... being everywhere... But with how it alters and affects every day people, how they view and interact with the world. How it gradually and subtly worms its ways into our collective perceptions of Life. How, for instance, the railroad revolutionized our notions of space and time, or how A.I. revolutionizes are notions of personhood.
-Goodberry Monthly
Just wanted to say that the setting of this book didn't really interest me. I backed because Skerples always does great work. Upon receiving the pdf, I was surprised at how much stuff I was able to pull from it for my own setting, which hews closer to traditional sword & sorcery. Thanks so much for an amazing product.
-Jason Abdin
I feel like I could keep rambling about this thing for much longer. It is PACKED with content, inspiration, philosophy, jokes, and songs. And every page has something fresh and inspiring.
Instead of memorizing a city block, I can pick 4-5 details from a few tables and mash them together into my own thing.
If you’ve been intimidated by cities in the past, I highly recommend checking out Magical Industrial Revolution. The book is glorious, clean, and filled with more magical nonsense than 100 other books.
It’s good. I can’t wait to use it in my own games.
-David Schirduan

A good deal of modular tables bring Endon to life – inhabitants, social and class structures, locations, spells, magic items, odd creatures – so you can apply it to a homebrew city and stoke your imagination in interesting directions. All of it is aimed at creating a place worth caring about. [...] The way the system manages innovations and their race to the apocalypse is pretty brilliant.
-Vintage RPG

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