Mig Ammo Wargaming Universe - Weathering Combat Vehicles


Mig Ammo Wargaming Universe - Weathering Combat Vehicles

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  • Brand: MIG
  • Type: Paint
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With this set for Combat Vehicles, it is possible to represent various types of paint finishes ranging from the newest vehicles to those that have seen many years of fighting. With the wide range of versatile products included you will be able to achieve an extensive variety of effects. You can now easily imitate dust, grease, chipping, dirt, or fuel stains typical of this type of combat machinery.

AMMO provides you the materials, your brushes and imagination will do the rest.


Includes the products:

A.MIG-6925        AMMO WARGAMING UNIVERSE Book #06 – Weathering Combat Vehicles (Multilingual Book)

A.MIG-2010        Scratches Effects (35mL)

A.MIG-0622        DRYBRUSH Gun Metal

A.MIG-0618        DRYBRUSH Chipping

A.MIG-1203        STREAKING Grime

A.MIG-1002        Tracks WASH

A.MIG-3004        PIGMENT Europe Earth

A.MIG-3532        OILBRUSHER Starship Bay Sludge

A.MIG-1800        EFFECTS BRUSHER - Fresh Engine Oil

A.MIG-3007        PIGMENT Dark Earth

A.MIG-1009        Starship WASH

A.MIG-1750        SPLASHES Dry Earth 

A.MIG-2018        Enamel Odourless Thinner (35mL)

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