Mig Ammo Wargaming Universe - Weathering Lush Jungles


Mig Ammo Wargaming Universe - Weathering Lush Jungles

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  • Brand: MIG
  • Type: Paint
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With this set for Lush Jungle settings, it is possible to represent various types of terrain with abundant vegetation. With the versatile range of products included, you will be able to achieve a variety of effects. You can now easily imitate effects of mud and humidity commonly found in jungles, as well as tie your figures into the groundwork and environment. To add the final touch, some moss, plants, and leaves have been included to represent the vegetation typical of these unique landscape type.

AMMO provides you the materials, your brushes and imagination will do the rest.


Includes the products:

A.MIG-6926        AMMO WARGAMING UNIVERSE Book #07 – Lush Jungles (Multilingual Book)

A.MIG-2159        Vietnam Earth

A.MIG-3022        PIGMENT Vietnam Earth

A.MIG-2057        LUCKY VARNISH Glossy (17mL)

A.MIG-8461        Jungle Leaves (Version 2)

A.MIG-8450        Fern

A.MIG-8821        Deep Forest MOSS

A.MIG-1410        Slimy Grime Dark EFFECTS

A.MIG-1005        Dark Brown WASH for Green Vehicles

A.MIG-3506        OILBRUSHER Field Green

A.MIG-8452        Jungle Leaves

A.MIG-8824        Tropical Creeper MOSS

A.MIG-2018        Enamel Odourless Thinner (35mL)

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