MIG Light Rust Effects 75ml


MIG Light Rust Effects 75ml

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  • Brand: MIG
  • Type: paint
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Light Rust Effects Wash for use with MIG pigments in model weathering. Adds realistic looking fresh rust marks to your model vehicles.

Not for use by children under 10.

MIG Productions are well-known all over the world as the leading manufacturer of superior model making pigments.

MIG Pigments are made in a great number of varying shades for a range of unique weathering effects for your models including dust, rust, oil marks and mud. The applications for these pigments are practically limitless and they have applications in numerous different types of model making including and much more.

MIG Pigments can be applied to your models in a variety of ways. Dry for subtle weathering effects or with thinners and other mediums for a number of special effects such as thick rust or wet mud.

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