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New Edo A Neon Samurai Roleplaying Game Core


New Edo A Neon Samurai Roleplaying Game Core

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A Neon Samurai RPG. "Welcome to NewEdo, where fifty million souls can believe things into being, and superstition is a smart insurance policy. What do you want everyone to believe about you?"

NewEdo is a game designed for players who love the character creation and customization process. Set in a city where a thousand years of tradition have come into conflict with the rapid pace of modern life, NewEdo's core theme is change.

Character Creation: with 10 Lineages (your physical form) based largely on creatures from Japanese lore, and 21 Paths (your job or role in the game, which affects your politics as much as it affects your abilities), NewEdo gives you a broad foundation on which to build your perfect character.  Then you use a Priority Buy process to assign a level of importance to each of your character's Backgrounds, Magic, Augmentations, Skills and Core Traits - a higher priority grants you more resources, at the expense of forcing a lower priority on another cateogry.  With this system, no two characters are ever the same, even those built on the same Lineage and Path foundation. 

Setting: NewEdo is a massive metropolis where the past and future collide, in a world where belief can literally change reality.  While it shares some neon-urban aesthetics of cyberpunk-style games, NewEdo's adventures revolve around its various inflection points - between past and future, tradition and technology, mysticism and science.  In one district, traditional wooden homes wind up and down labyrinthine streets, while only a short subway ride away, 100-storey skyscrapers pierce the city's neon-tinted clouds.  Kimono-clad samurai share the streets with cybernetic soldiers, hacker-mystics, and pink-haired revolutionaries. Characters are intended to be larger than life, Legends who can change the future of the setting.   

System: NewEdo uses a medium-crunch dice pool (Trait + Skill) system, customized with mechanics that encourage and reward unique gameplay decisions.  Your character's Legend is the reason they do what they do, and acts as NewEdo's only meta-currency, fueling your amazing abilities.  The Fate Card is a wholly unique mechanic that introduces the potential for random outcomes into every action, while at the same time acting as a record of your decisions at the table. 

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