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Numenera - The Glimmering Valley


Numenera - The Glimmering Valley

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  • Type: rpg
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In The Glimmering Valley you’ll find:

  • A richly detailed locale to launch a new campaign, filled with interesting and dynamic NPCs, situations, and locations.
  • A chapter designed specifically for the players, to immerse them in this vibrant setting and help them create characters truly at home in the Ninth World.
  • Loads of adventure to get your campaign off to an exciting start. Follow the plot threads or explore the vast sandbox of the Glimmering Valley.
  • An easy on-ramp into the broader Ninth World, that helps players and GMs discover what makes Numenera such a compelling setting. Fantastic for players who are experiencing Numenera for the first time.
  • Loads of new creatures, cyphers, artifacts, and more!

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