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Odd Jobs


Odd Jobs

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UK Games Expo Best Role-Playing Game Adventure
2022 ENnie nominee for Best Adventure and Product of the Year

Welcome to your new career! Odd Jobs is a collection of fun, bizarre and dynamic system-neutral settings to be used in tabletop roleplaying. Each puts the players in a strange profession, with fascinating bite-sized worlds demanding to be explored!

  • 11 characterful micro-settings
  • Short, manageable campaigns of 3-4 sessions, plus plenty of extras
  • System-neutral design for use with whatever RPG system you like


  • Ghost Ship
    Harpoon rogue spirits in the outer limits of the solar system
  • Twisted Rails
    Crew your train through a surreal psychoscape
  • Not Far to Bermuda
    Sail the seas and keep your passengers happy for far longer than planned
  • Guardians
    Try to be a better nun to foil an ancient evil
  • Atlantis City
    Try to keep your struggling casino afloat in the murky depths of the ocean
  • Duskhollow
    Catch creeps, criminals and cthulus
  • M.I.X. - Missing in Xmas
    Fill in for a missing Santa
  • Primetime Colosseum
    Get famous and get beheaded as an up-and-coming gladiator school
  • Wizard's Staff
    Hide a sorcerer's corpse from villagers, the wizard council and increasingly irate clients
  • Start-Up Culture
    Build up your cult to make a killing on the god market
  • Fixer Upper
    Discover the nature of personhood on a routine terraforming job

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