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Yggdrasil World Tree Leather Journal


Yggdrasil World Tree Leather Journal

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The Yggdrasil World Tree is a well-known figure in Nordic and Viking folklore. Symbolizing the eternal cycle of life, it has been immortalized in this sketchbook/artbook. Perfect for any lover of pen-and-paper roleplaying art, this watercolor journal features thick pages that provide an excellent surface for doodling dungeon maps or drawing characters for your game. Give your tabletop RPG art an edge with this quality journal!

• 6" x 8" Format
• Genuine Leather Material
• 100 sheets, 200 pages
• Blank thick gauge watercolor paper
• Hand bound and assembled
• Lays Flat for easy RPG gaming or painting
• Makes a great family photo album
• Perfect for scrapbooking and journaling

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