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Pamphlet of Pantheons


Pamphlet of Pantheons

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Fantasy Gods Made Easy

The gods, spirits and religions of a fantasy world should be a vital and exciting part of its culture. But how do you create a pantheon that feels rich and real without having to do a lot of time-consuming prep work?

The Pamphlet of Pantheons is the lazy GM's solution to this problem: a workbook zine that helps you create a pantheon for your fantasy RPGs, focusing on the bits of the iceberg above the water -- the bits that your players are going to interact with. 

The Pamphlet contains 16 major Divine Archetypes for you to choose from, each with customisation tables to give the gods more character, plus tables and lists to generate gods with multiple divine roles, minor deities, temple features, rituals, and more. Go through the simple step-by-step creation process or just use the book to inspire your own creations. The goal of the Pamphlet is to make creating fantasy religions simple and enjoyable.

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