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Pathfinder Battles - Shattered Star Gargantuan Blue Dragon


Pathfinder Battles - Shattered Star Gargantuan Blue Dragon

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  • Type: Miniatures
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Shock your players with this enormous Gargantuan Blue Dragon promotional figure for the Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star set! Based on original cover art by fantasy master-painter Wayne Reynolds, this majestic “miniature” looms large over the Shattered Star set, and makes an important addition to your Pathfinder Battles collection!

Behold Cadrilkasta, fierce villain of the Shattered Star Adventure Path! Obsessed with the ancient sin magic of the long-dead Runelords, this Gargantuan Blue Dragon stands bedecked in powerful magical treasures of old, ready to take on whatever your player characters have to throw her way.

This deluxe figure stands 6.5 inches tall on a 4-inch base.

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