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Pathfinder Reenactment Society Season 1 Registration


Pathfinder Reenactment Society Season 1 Registration

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This is a non-refundable ticket for a single person. The buyer agrees that they are fully vaccinated and will submit to a vaccine check. The buyer also agrees to wear a mask at all times while in the Sword & Board.

The Pathfinder Reenactment Society is a privately-run Pathfinder 1st Edition campaign aimed at recreating all the best parts of Pathfinder Society. The Campaign uses a curated selection of Pathfinder Society Scenarios to focus on the ongoing narratives present throughout the Pathfinder Society seasons. Each season of Pathfinder Reenactment Society draws from one or two seasons to help build a custom narrative arc. This event ticket will act as your entrance fee for the entire season.

The Pathfinder Reenactment Society also aims to encourage the sharing of Game Master responsibilities by requiring attendees to run a minimum number of sessions every season.

Season 1 consists of scenarios chosen from Season 0 and Season 01 of traditional Pathfinder Society. Beginning on March 11th, at 11:30 AM the PFRS aims to meet up and game every two weeks on Saturdays. 

Please join our Discord Channel for information regarding character creation, scheduling and any other concerns: Here

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