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Posthuman Pathways


Posthuman Pathways

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Technology is changing us. We are transforming into beings both less and more than human. We abandon the frailties of human flesh and our simple creature comforts. We reach for lofty positions in this new society, and leave our heritage in the rubble of our former world. Our minds and cultures expand, changing how we perceive the world.

In this game, you ask wondrous questions and discover terrifying answers. Every question is a path leading to an increasingly alien future. Discover what your character really cares for and what they are willing to sacrifice. Present your fellow players with hard choices and discover who their characters really are.

• How will technology transform society, and will it be worth the cost?
• What price are you willing to pay to transcend the human condition?
• When tomorrow comes, will you be ready?

During the game, you play through a series of scenes. All of the players in this game have equal narrative control and creative authority. There is no single game master, since the players create opposition for each other during play. At the end of each scene, you rotate roles. Each scene has one player filling the role of Trailblazer, one as the Voyager, and one as the Guide.

  • The Trailblazer describes how the world changes and establishes how the scene begins.
  • The Voyager portrays a character who is struggling to adapt to the world.
  • The Guides portray the various elements that pressure the Voyager to make a hard choice.

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