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Rackham Vale Paintbox Edition


Rackham Vale Paintbox Edition

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Enter the Vale, discover it’s secrets, adventures, and intrigues, and celebrate the iconic work of one of the greatest fantasy illustrators of all time.

When the world was one hundred years younger, during the Golden Age of British Book Illustration, Arthur Rackham and his paint box gave birth to some of the most transportive, iconic, and magical images of all time. His work brought to life characters and settings from famous fairy tales, ancient mythology, and timeless classics.


About the Book:  


Rackham Vale is the award-winning tabletop role-playing game setting featuring the art of master fantasist Arthur Rackham. It's a hidden-vale setting with 27 strange creatures, several competing factions, and 18 odd locations inspired by Rackham's iconic and transportive images. Statted for Old-School Essentials, it can be dropped into any fantasy campaign that could do with a touch of magic, mystery, and old-time weirdness.

This updated Paintbox Edition is updated from the previous black and white edition, now in full-color with 10 pages of brand-new content, including 3 new creatures, 3 dungeons, and 8 unique magic items.


Written by game masters for game masters, this 196-page book features:


  • More than 100 of Rackham's illustrations and has been written and arranged to maximize utility at the table and minimize GM prep time.
  • Each of the 18 locations includes Who/What Is Here and What’s Interesting About It sections, plus Encounter Tables—making it possible to run the setting as a sandbox, pointcrawl, or semi-hexcrawl.
  • Each of the 27 bestiary entries includes What It Is, What It Likes, What It Hates, Allies, and Enemies sections, plus role-playing guidance and stat blocks.
  • An original map
  • Handy factions chart
  • 63 adventure hooks
  • 7 tables for generating creatures and locations on the fly.

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