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Reign: Realms


Reign: Realms

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Welcome to Reign: Realms, a One Roll Engine-powered setting for the second edition of the Reign roleplaying game. Heluso & Milonda is a fantasy world like none other birthed from the mind of Greg Stolze, designer of Godlike, Wild Talents, Dueling Fops of Vindamere, and half of the design team of Unknown Armies.

The very geography of Heluso and Milonda is outlandish and strange, as its folk live out their lives on the vast, calcified bodies of two dead gods locked in an eternal lover’s embrace. A wealth of detailed cultures populate these strange continents, tailored to the Reign system rules for running nations and influencing factions.  

Additionally, Reign: Realms contains two smaller settings that flex the One Roll Engine rules in different directions.

  • Ardwin demolishes and reassembles the treatment of “fantasy races” with no humans, a clear split between how you’re born and how you’re raised, and fantasy genetics explaining how six different humanoid groups interbreed.
  • Nain is a setting of high wizardry where the wands, pointy hats, and spell grammar hide a society full of inequalities, resentments, and treasonous conspiracies.

Containing all the fantasy world material from Reign first edition, this book vastly expands upon the settings, collecting a wealth of material never before available in print. All these worlds await you within the pages of Reign: Realms!

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