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Rust and Redemption


Rust and Redemption

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Inside this book you’ll find:

  • A full exploration of the post-apocalyptic genre, examining the many possible whens, wheres, and hows your world ended; themes of survival, despair, and hope; practical campaign-building advice; and set pieces and plot ideas.
  • Loads of character options, including new character foci, descriptors, and abilities.
  • Special rules for scavenging, repairing, exposure, mutations, and more. Plus apocalyptic artifacts and cyphers—use a scavenger subtle cypher to find just the item you need to survive.
  • GM resources exploring the effects of nuclear winter, the dangers of radiation, and the shelf life of common goods.
  • Creatures such as the terrifying radioactive bear and the Horsemen of the
    Apocalypse. Plus radioactive craters, voracious nanobots, and loads of other end-of-the-world threats.
  • A complete campaign setting—the Radio Quiet Zone—plus multiple adventures and Cypher Shorts. Experience the apocalypse itself in “Safe Zone,” a perfect adventure for launching your campaign!

Rust and Redemption is a setting and supplement for the Cypher System. It requires the Cypher System Rulebook for play.

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