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Savage Worlds - Fantasy Companion


Savage Worlds - Fantasy Companion

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Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • GORGEOUS NEW LAYOUT by fan-favorite Karl Keesler; a beautiful cover by Tomek Tworek; all-new art by the phenomenal Bien Flores, Unique Soparie, Alberto Bontempi, and more!
  • New CHARACTER options, Edges, and Hindrances!
  • New Equipment, WEAPONS, and ARMOR, as well as rules for creating your party’s own STRONGHOLD!
  • New SETTING RULES to replicate your favorite style of fantasy, from grim and gritty swords & sorcery epics to backstabbing thrillers in noble courts to traditional dungeon delves. Use all new Setting Rules to create your own worlds or recreate those of your favorite settings such as The Lord of the Rings®, Game of Thrones®, Conan the Barbarian®, The Witcher®, and anything else you can imagine!
  • New ARCANE BACKGROUNDS unique to fantasy settings, a PANTHEON of deific domains, and a host of NEW POWERS for your casters, and more options for existing powers!
  • ITEMS OF POWER! Celebrate the fruits of your heroes’ victories with treasures mundane and fantastic you can use as plunder or reward for adventurers who brave the depths of the deepest dungeons and darkest forests. Both the treasures AND the entire treasure system have been cleaned up, rewritten, and streamlined from the original Fantasy Companion!
  • A MASSIVE BESTIARY of allies, enemies, and monsters!

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